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Can I electrify my Strumstick? is a frequently asked question. YES INDEED. One way is with the Schaller Oyster stick-on pickup (See also our Built-in Pickup). It is about the size of a quarter, about a half inch thick, and sticks to your Strumstick with a special putty (included). You can also use soft poster adhesive putty (Funtack, Elmer's tack, etc). This is the best sounding stick-on pickup of the many we have tested. The difference between the stick-on and the built-in are, the Built-in picks up less handling noise from the body of the strumstick. The Stick-om can be positioned in various locations for different tones, and used on other instruments too.


The pickup has an 8' cord which can plug directly into an amplifier, mixing board, or effects device. The great virtue of the stick-on type of pickup is that you get radically different tones, depending on where you put the pickup. We recommend that you experiment with different locations for different sounds. Be creative!




Strumstick Stick-on Pickup
See also Our Built-in Pickup.
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