Blemished Strumsticks


Want to Give a Crooked Strumstick a Good Home?

These are $99-$120. 

We have New, Unused D-33 Grand Strumsticks that are completely playable, but have an asymmetrical body, or a crack, or chips, dents and other cosmetic flaws.

We have not offered seconds Strumsticks on our website before, but at a time when people are staying at home looking for safe and satisfying things to do, it seems foolish not to release these instruments at low cost to people who could use them.

These Strumsticks are completely playable. 

You can choose Asymmetrical, Blemished, or Cracked.

You will not have any choice beyond that. Pictures are examples only. We will send a random Asymmetrical, Blemished, or Cracked (pick a category) fully playable new, unused Strumstick. None of these flaws impact the playability or life span of the Strumstick.

They come with Instruction book, cord strap, picks, and 40+ free online instruction videos.

And of course if you are not comfortable with these choices, please order one of our regular Strumsticks.

Comes with an adjustable cord strap. Want a little more color? See our ColorUp Straps!