G-29 Slimpicker 2020 Special

  • Comes with an adjustable cord strap. Want a little color? Add a ColorUp Strap, above. for more colors, see our ColorUp Straps Page

    Time to learn to play! Here is a deep discount on our Original Strumstick, the G-29 (Slimpicker) with Spruce top (also available with Koa Top!)  The SlimPicker is shorter, narrower and quieter than the D-33. It has a cheery, bright tone, and it is tuned to key of (3 frets higher than the D Grand). A consistent reaction when people hear it for the first time is "how do you get so much sound out of such a little body". Utterly portable, for adults traveling light and also perfect for kids. 

    Sound Clip G-29 Fingerpicked:
    Sound Clip G-29 Strummed:

    The Strumstick has some unique qualities:

    It’s non-frustrating and easy to learn, but sounds cool right from the start.

    It takes a little learning, but without the daunting difficulties people experience with a lot of instruments.

    There is a forgiving and intuitive aspect to it that lets you make up music and improvise early on. 

    These qualities make it a great beginner instrument.

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    Also see The D-33 Strumstick which is longer with a wider body than the G, is tuned lower, and has a fuller, richer tone. 

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  • • Padouk neck and body, Spruce top, Maple back
    • 29" long, 5" wide, 1.25"deep.
    • weight 14oz.
    • 24" scale length
    • Tuned G D G'
    • Can retune for F, E or D (lower limit)

  • "Over a year ago I heard and bought one of your Grand Strumsticks. Since then there is rarely a day that I don't play it. Your instrument is an important part of my life, keep up the good work. If I can play it anybody can! I do so Enjoy the Noise!
    Jack B."
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