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Stay At Home Special 2022

  • This is our D-33 (Grand) Strumstick (33" long), or a G-31 (Super G) Strumstick 931" long). The Soft Case fits either one. They come with an adjustable cord strap. Want more comfort and some color?, see our ColorUp Straps Page

    While we are staying at home, we have time on our hands. Time to learn to play! Here is a deep discount on our most popular Strumstick, the D-33 with Spruce top. The Strumstick has some unique qualities:

    It’s non-frustrating and easy to learn, but sounds cool right from the start.

    It takes a little learning, but without the daunting difficulties people experience with a lot of instruments.

    It is forgiving and intuitive, you can make up music and improvise early on. 

    These qualities make it a great beginner instrument.

    Here are some Stay At Home Resources!

    The D-33 is longer and is tuned lower than the G-31, and has a bit fuller tone. The 2" shorter G-31 has the same sized soundbox as the D-33, and has a snappy, brighter tone. Spruce is the most used for soundboards on Guitar, Violin, Piano, and more, and makes a great sounding Strumstick. There is a high visual contrast between the white Spruce top and the red Padouk neck and sides, and you see white/red/white looking from the side.
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  • D-33: Padouk neck and body, Spruce top, Maple back
    • 33" long, 5" wide, 1.25"deep.
    • weight 14oz.
    • 25 1/2" scale length
    • Tuned D, A, D'
    • Can retune for E, F, C, B, Bb, A (lower limit)
    G-31: Padouk neck and body, Spruce top, Maple back
    • 31" long, 5" wide, 1.25"deep.

    • weight 13oz.
    • 24" scale length
    • Tuned G, D, G'
    • Can retune up for A, down for F#, F, E, Eb, D (lower limit)

  • "Over a year ago I heard and bought one of your Grand Strumsticks. Since then there is rarely a day that I don't play it. Your instrument is an important part of my life, keep up the good work. If I can play it anybody can! I do so Enjoy the Noise!
    Jack B."
    More Testimonials

  • 🎧D-33 Grand Clip 1   🎧D-33 Clip 2 

    🎧G-31 Clip 1   🎧G-31 Clip 2 

    Electric Pickup Demo Video

    Compare D and G Strumsticks

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