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Super G or D Grand Special

Super G or D Grand Specials

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Our two "Everbody" Strumsticks. Spruce Tops, Maple Backs, Padouk Bodies.
Great Sound, No Wrong Notes, The easiest instrument in the world to learn.
Full instructions included.

The Super G (model G-31):    Sound clip 1      Sound clip 2

The D Grand (model D-33):    Sound clip 1   Sound clip 2

Buy either One, or Both! Special price: either one just $185 ( reg $198)

Buy Both, just $370, and we'll add two free cases ($40 value)

See Full Descriptions at Super G (G-31) page and at D Grand (D-33) page.

Comes with an adjustable cord strap. Want a little more color? See our ColorUp Straps!