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Arch Display Stand

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Magnetic Arch Display Stand for Strumstick $120

This display system uses strong magnets in the arch and in the Strumstick to hang the Strumstick in a delightfully sculptural way.

A moderate downward tug and the Strumstick is in your hands ready for instant playing. Lift the Strumstick to meet the arch, the magnets "click" together and it's hanging again, an object of beauty. 

It may be used on a table, counter, or as a floor stand.

The $120 price includes installing the magnet in a Strumstick you purchase. It does not include the cost of the Strumstick ($169-$590). We suggest ordering the stand and the Strumstick at the same time. We can add a magnet to a Strumstick you already own, however, you will have to pay for shipping both ways.

Please note: The Arch Display Stand will only work with a Strumstick that has the matching magnet installed in the tip of it's peghead. That means either purchasing a Strumstick with the magnet installed, or sending us a Strumstick you already have for us to add the magnet to it.

Disclaimer: We have tested the magnet system for hanging Strumsticks at Strumstick World Headquarters for close to a decade. We are confident that it is a workable mount for the Strumstick. BUT: It is not intended to be child-proof, active-pet-proof, or earthquake proof. Use your judgement as to its suitability for your display location. 

The stand is approx. 40" long.

The base is about 11"x 8" x 1.5"

The arch is Cherry and the base is Padouk.


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