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GoldTone Micro-Bass

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Here's a very small Acoustic Bass that goes great with the Strumstick. See Details below: 

  • The Micro-Bass is mahogany, with a built-in volume and tone control for the pickup, and even an on-board tuner. It is fully chromatic (all keys) comes in two sizes, and either fretted or fretless. The fretless models have inlay strips where the frets would be, and that is the kind I play. The fretless models have a fatter, bassier tone than the fretted ones. You have to pay attention to your finger placement, but it is surprisingly easy to adapt to the fretless fingerboard, and the big bass tone is so worth it.

    The Micro-Bass offers a comparable blend of craftsmanship, sound and value to the Strumstick (or else we wouldn't offer it!) and is a great solution for all those folks who have asked about Strumstick basses over the years. 

  • • Mahogany neck and body.
    • 33" long, 6" wide, 1.25"deep.
    • weight 3 lbs 2oz.
    • 23" or 25" scale length
    • Tuned E, A, D, G
    • Built-in pickup, volume and tone controls with onboard tuner

  • "I have been using the GoldTone Micro-Bass for two years. My musician friends are consistently impressed with the full rich tone, and the Micro-Bass has been a welcome addition to many situations, from informal jams to polished performances. I'm really excited to be offering it on our website, it is a great musical complement to the Strumstick"
    Bob McNally

  • See Demo Videos:

Why This Bass is Here!

Bass is great! Any instrument ensemble sounds better with a bass involved, whether it is a bunch of guitars, a few Strumsticks, or a whole symphony orchestra.  I am an "occasional bass player" pressed into duty playing bass in various bands and music gatherings. I have used full size and smaller electric basses, standup bass, and I have built and used acoustic bass guitars. We do not make a Strumstick bass, we have experimented and the virtues of the Strumstick and the needs of a bass instrument just don't fit together well.

In my musical travels, I came across a really cool bass made by some friends of mine, Goldtone Instruments, called the Micro-Bass. It uses thick synthetic "rubbery" strings, and a mini-guitar shaped body (about the size of the Baby Taylor or Little Martin). It is bigger than the Ukulele basses with these same kind of strings. Compared to Uke-Basses, the Micro-Bass has a bigger body and a more effective string length. Acoustically it is quiet, but loud enough to play with a couple guitars. Played with the built-in pickup, it sounds fabulous with a round, full tone with a lot of power, reminiscent of upright bass. Smooth with what I call a creamy texture.

I've used the Micro on stage, and in many informal jams, and I love the sound. So much that we are now offering the Micro-Bass on our website, for all those that wanted the minimalism of the Strumstick in a bass range. I think this is the way to go, and I have not used my electrics, standup or acoustic bass guitars since I started using the Micro-Bass.

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