The Backpacker Guitar


1n 1981 I designed the Backpacker Guitar. In 1992 (after we had made nearly 1,000 Backpackers) C F Martin and I entered an agreement whereby Martin would make and sell the Backpacker under license from me. It is now 25 years later, and Martin has sold close to 300,000 Backpackers. To commemorate that, for 2017 they are making an all Sapele (similar to Mahogany) model, quite similar to the all mahogany model that was one of the variations we made.

We are happy to offer the traditional Martin Backpacker (Mahogany Body with Spruce top). Quantities are limited. If you request it, I will gladly sign the guitar you purchase.

The whole concept of the Backpacker is, it's a guitar you can have with you, any time, any place. It has ridden the Space Shuttle, been to both poles, and to the high base camp on Mt Everest. It has made numerous passages of the Appalachian trail, kept spirits up for troops in the Middle East, and sailed the oceans of the world. At no time in these adventures, did the Backpacker sound like a great full-sized guitar. It is compact, light, and durable, and has a sturdy voice all it's own. Performers from Jon Anderson to Ani DiFranco to Oliver Mtukudzi have written, performed and recorded using that sturdy voice. Think of it like the dinghy to your big go ashore and explore the Island with your dinghy, not your yacht!

Spruce Top: Steel String $249