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Sea Bubbles Strap

These new ColorUp Strumstick Straps have been extremely popular. The adjustable cord strap that comes with the Strumstick works fine, but our ColorUp Straps add style and even more comfort to your Strumstick playing.

These are beautiful cotton straps in a variety of gorgeous colors (handmade here in the good ol' USA!) Specifically designed for the Strumstick, they are 3/4" wide, 4 ply fabric, have genuine leather end tabs and adjust from 30-53" long with a minimal plastic slider. They all employ our unique flexible O-Link with just the right amount of give, for maximum comfort. Many are overdyed, and all the color combinations are carefully selected by our partners in this project, the color experts at

$15.00 ea. Because they are handmade, colors may vary slightly from how they appear on your device screen.