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Start Making Music-Tutorial

Start Making Music with your New Strumstick

Here is the best place to start to learn to play your Strumstick. We've been teaching people to play Strumstick for more than 35 years and we've learned a few things about the best way to learn it. So you are in good hands! Lets get started. You will have fun and learn at the same time!
Bob McNally

The Lesson Plan
These are short, right-to-the point videos.
They are listed in the order we recommend for fastest learning.

Lesson 1: How to Hold the Strumstick (Video)
You may be in a hurry but don't skip this! And that means you too, expert guitar player over there in the corner. If you hold it right everything else is a LOT easier, trust me! Watch the video link, its short and quick.

Lesson 2: How to Strum  (Video)
Yes, its called the STRUM-stick for a reason. Here's the best way to start strumming!

Lesson 2B: Optional-Rhythms (Video) Optional to do now. Later is OK too.
Here is how to do a steady beat, add up-strums, leave spaces, and Free Strumming. This is one of the most useful lessons we takes some practicing to be useful, but it is great stuff! 

Lesson 3: How to Fret (Making Notes) (Video)
There's an easy way, a hard way, and a no-way! See the easy way!

Lesson 4: Making Stuff Up (Bunches O' Notes) (Video coming soon)
The Fun Begins! 

Lesson 5: Songlets (Video)
These are little song fragments, 3-4 note phrases that bridge the gap between "Making Stuff Up" and playing "real" songs. And you just might start your Grammy winner here...this is great fun, take all the time you want.
ps: "I've just been playing for 5 minutes, I can't start creating, can I?"
Yes, you can, in fact it is the natural way to learn. Invite me to your Grammy party please...

Lesson 6: How to Play Songs from the Songbook (Videos)
How to play Songs written out with numbers.

How to Play (D and G Strumsticks) using TAB, Video
Written Instructions Here:
Additional Instructions (Audio) Here: 
More Song Resources

Lesson 7: Do Lesson 2B if you skipped over it earlier.

Lesson 8: Tuning
Using Electronic Tuner with D Strumstick
Using Electronic Tuner with G Strumstick 
Videos with notes to tune to, D and G Strumsticks