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I am writing this blog post as an example of how the Strumstick can add a delightful color to recordings of other instruments. For me, the Strumstick parts in the song echo a sense of our earliest musical instruments as we expanded from Africa across the continents; from floating logs to clipper ships to sleek jets and rockets to the stars. 
I have wanted to design a bridge for the Strumstick (the little piece that holds the strings up over the soundboard) with more style to to it. Here I'll describe the process by which we arrived at a new bridge design that improves the sound of the instrument, looks really great with the Strumstick shape and is cost effective too.
In the spring of 2017, I had been accepted to a whole string of excellent shows across the country, a Grand Tour if you will. The shows were from April to July and this is the story of that tour.
If you ask people what the soundhole is for on a guitar (or a Strumstick), most people will say, "to let the sound out". A search of the web will yield answers like: "letting the vibrations from the strings fall into the body" to " spreading the soundwaves" and "it acts like a speaker". All those answers, while technically incorrect, do dance around what people's experience suggests to them. You could say they are poetic answers. But what is really going on?