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This page lists both videos and written pages. Be sure to check out our Strumstick Virtual DVD for even more instruction videos.

Basic Instructions
How to Hold The Strumstick (Recommended...It really makes a difference!)
Tuning (page with videos)
Fretting (video)
Strumming (video)
Rhythms (video)
Songlets (page)
Songlets (video)
Strumming Rhythms
Starting Songs
Start Making Music Tutorial Page
Playing Songs D Strumsticks
Playing Songs G Strumsticks
MiniChords pdf
Minichords 1 (video)
Minichords 2 (video)
Minichords 3 (video)
Power Chords
Regular Chords (page)
Chord Diagrams
Chord Changer Wheel
Capo Use (video)
Capo Page
Arpeggios and Fingerpicking page
More Songs:
   Family Songbook (complete) pdf
   Table of Contents pdf
   Family Songbook Page
   Easy 3-Chord Songs Page
   Song Resources Page
   Dulcimer Songs for Strumstick
Special Effects
Advanced Instructions
Free Instruction Book
Free Audio Instruction CD download
Changing Strings
Strumstick Virtual DVD
Strumstick and Meditation