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The Instruction CCD PictureD is the audio companion to the Strumstick Instruction Book. It demonstrates what is in the book, and is a tutorial in its own right.
Note: The  Instruction CD was originally played on the G Strumstick, then an Appendix was added using the D Strumstick. The information applies to both equally, (but the sound will be different). Only the tuning files are specific to one or the other.

These are .mp3 files, and they are free to Download or Listen to. 

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 Strumstick Instructions CD Enjoy The Noise!© Bob McNally

1. Introduction To The Strumstick

2. How To Hold The Strumstick

3. Tuning The G-29 (formerly named the Standard) Strumstick

4. Tuning Notes For The G Strumstick

5. Strumstick Basic Playing A

6. Strumstick Basic Playing B

7. Strumstick Demo Of Basic Playing

8. Before Continuing With The Strumstick

9. Strumstick Strumming (Basic Technique)

10. Strumstick Basic Rhythm

11. Strumstick Advanced Rhythm

12. Strumstick Accenting

13. Strumstick: Sliding, Hammering-On And Pulling-Off

14. How To Play Songs On The Strumstick

15. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (played)

16. This Land Is Your Land (played)

17. Jingle Bells (played)

18. Old Joe Clark (played)

19. Oh When The Saints Go Marching In (played)

20. Strumstick Instruction   (Conclusion of first part, using G Strumstick)   

...It's Not the End, There's More!
Note: we switched the track number order a little. They are all here though.

Appendix A: The D-33 (formerly named Grand) Strumstick

29. Introduction To The D-33 Strumstick

30. Tuning The D-33 Strumstick

31. D Strumstick D Note (Low)

32. D Strumstick A Note

33. D Strumstick D Note (High)

34. D Strumstick Instruction Conclusion

35. D Strumstick Music 1

36. D Strumstick Music 2 

Section II: Additional Music on G Strumstick © Bob McNally

21. Strumstick Interlude 1

22. Strumstick Interlude 2

23. Strumstick Interlude 3

24. Strumstick Interlude 4

25. Miscellaneous Strumstick Music 1

26. Miscellaneous Strumstick Music 2

27. Miscellaneous Strumstick Music 3

28. Miscellaneous Strumstick Music 4