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Two Strumsticks Together Audio files.
MP3 Example 1 (Two Strumsticks Together)
MP3 Example 2(Together, changing rhythms)
MP3 Example 3(Stage 2)
MP3 Example 4(Dueling Strumsticks)
MP3 Example 5 (More Dueling)

Two Strumsticks Together: Experiment # 1
MP3 Example 6(Recorded Partner for you to play with, G Strumstick)
MP3 Example 7 (Recorded Partner for you to play with D Strumstick)
For Examples 6 or 7: Strum all three strings while fingering any note, with one finger, on the first (highest pitched) string. Strum a steady beat, or a simple repeating rhythm, and change notes (randomly) every so often. It is a good idea to get several strums in on each note before you move to another.

With two people you can do this same thing, just synchronize the beat you are strumming  It does not have to be the same rhythm exactly, as long as they are to the same beat. The simplest rhythm to start with is simply a steady beat, 1 2 3 4. With both people strumming to a common beat, each person can start to change what note they are fingering (yes, at random).

 Instruction Video