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Here are many instruction videos arranged by topic. "Basic" topics are where to start. Videos labeled "Quick Bites" are short and sweet looks a specific techniques. Other videos may be longer and more in-depth looks.

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Strumstick Videos arranged by Topics

(Also see 1 Hour Strumstick Lesson Videos (25+)  Here:)

Non-Instruction Videos
Scenic Strumstick Video 1

Basic Instructions
How to Hold The Strumstick (Basic Start)
Fretting Basic 1 
Strumming Basic 2

Rhythms Basic 3 
Songlets Basic 4
How To Play Songs

Tuning D Strumsticks    
Tuning G Strumsticks  

Accenting on Strumstick - Quick Bites: <iframe width="560" height="315" src=";showinfo=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>
Alternating Flatpicking on Strumstick-Quick Bites
Cutoff Effect on Strumstick - Quick Bites
Leaving Spaces on Strumstick - Quick Bites
Muting Notes on Strumstick -Quick Bites
Pulling Off on Strumstick- Quick Bites
Rhythms Basic 3 

Snare Effect on Strumstick - Quick Bites
Snare and Mute Mixed - Quick Bites
Strumming Basic 2
Blues Strumstick Pt1


Minichords part 1 Quick Bites
Minichords part 2Quick Bites   
Minichords part 3 Quick Bites  
Octaves on Strumstick - Quick Bites
Chords Pt 1-Quick Bites  
Chords Pt 2 -Quick Bites 
Chords Pt 3 -Quick Bites  
Chords Pt 4 Barre Chords
Power Chords Part 1 Demo,
Power Chords Part 2 How to,
Power Chords Part 3 Fingerings.

Capo and Tuning
Capo Use with D Strumstick 

Tuning D Strumsticks   
Tuning G Strumsticks