Strumstick Live Streaming Lessons with Bob McNally
8:00 to 8:45PM EST  Thursday evenings

Next  Regular Lesson #37  1/21/2021

1/14/21 Regular Lesson #36  1/14/2021
OOPS!, I did not hit save to get the 1/14 link up until after lesson was done, it works now, recording at this link. 

Next Special Beginners Lesson  (Lesson B)
Tuesday, Jan 19 2021 8:00PM EST

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On most Thursday evenings I will  broadcasting a live streaming Strumstick lesson 45-60 min length. The link to the stream will be posted on this page. Each lesson will be recorded and available for later viewing.

Here's how it works:
1. I post a link (on this page) to a scheduled YouTube Live Stream
2. At lesson time, you come to this page and click the link to watch the lesson
3. It is a one-way stream, you watch and play along but nobody else can see or hear you.
4. I use parts of a song to show some simple and some more complex things you can do with Strumstick. These things can be used in many songs.
5. If you have a question, and you have a YouTube account, you can post the question and I can see it.

If you can't post, email me at I will answer during the stream if possible, or some time later.

6. If you miss or want to review a lesson, They are all recorded and listed on this page (Scroll down to see). Click the original stream link for the video on YouTube, or view the video right here. 

We will learn a few basics, a few intermediate tricks, and an expert move or two each week. I can say, ironically but truthfully, I've been playing Strumstick longer than anybody on the planet. I have a long career teaching Guitar and then Strumstick, and my passion teaching stuff so it just works, no muss no fuss. Having fun is a key part of this, and so is bringing a piece of music to life!. That's the way we play on Thursday nights. Come join us! 

If you are a complete beginner, Please do these things first for best results:
2. See how to finger notes(and practice a bit).
3. See how to strum the Strumstick, and get familiar with that too.
We will cover all these in the Special Beginners Lesson!
Bob McNally

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Link to Lesson Documents, Handouts, TABs etc
Merrily Kissed the Quaker TAB from Lesson #9
Song 1 from Lesson #24
Pooh Corner from Lesson #25

Special Beginners Lesson A 12/30/20 

Special Beginners Lesson B 1/19/21


Lesson #1 4/16/20


Lesson # 2  4/23/20  Replay Video:



Lesson #3    4/30/2020 Replay


Lesson #4    5/7/20 Replay


Lesson #5    5/14/20 Replay



Lesson #6



Lesson # 7  Video



Lesson #8 June 4th 2020


Lesson 9 June 11th 2020


Lesson 10  June 18 2020


Lesson 11 June 25 2020


Lesson 12 July 2 2020


Lesson 13 July 9 2020

 Lesson 14 July 16 2020

Lesson 15 July 23 2020



Lesson 16   7/30/2020

Note: I Re-did this lesson, with an earlier audio problem fixed


Lesson 17 8/6/2020


Lesson 18 8/13/2020


Lesson 19 8/20/2020

Lesson 20 8/27/2020

Lesson 21 9/3/2020

Lesson 22 9/10/2020

Lesson 23 stream mistake.

Lesson 24 9/24/20
Link to jpg of Song 1 from Lesson 24

Lesson 25  10/1/20 

Lesson 26 10/8/20

Lesson 27 10/22/20

Lesson 28 10/29/20

Lesson 29 11/05/20


•Lesson 30 11/12/20


•Lesson 31 11/19/20
Note: First several minutes cut off


•Lesson 32 12/03/20


•Lesson 33 12/10/20


•Lesson 34  12/17/20
Holiday Party!


12/30/20 Holiday Beginners Lesson


Lesson 35  1/07/21


Lesson 36 1/14/21


Special Beginners Lesson B 1/19/21


Lesson 37 1/21/21