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Who is It For?

Who Is It For?

Especially for people who think they can't play music,
have no talent, have been frustrated by other instruments,
or have been afraid to try.
Well, anybody, really. It sounds great, feels effortless, seems to make its own
music, happy things happen almost by accident.
That's the way to start!
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The qualities that make it great for the musically forlorn also make it
a portable composing inspiration for musicians of all kinds.
Witness Tracy Chapman, Jon Anderson (of Yes) and many others who
perform, record, and create with it. Folk, Rock, Hip Hop, Country, Gospel,
even a Classical composer or two.

Retirees and Lapsed guitar Players
Boomers who finally have the time to get down to music.
Former players who are returning to music.
Most kids who think it is the coolest thing on Earth.
Ages 3- 5 (with Adult supervision!), 6 and beyond.
And our great instructions make you a great teacher for them.
These are all our customers. I designed it for non-players,
but all these musicians keep crashing the party!
Oh well, it's a big party.
Welcome to Strumming!
Bob McNally