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I bought a grand strumstick a year ago and I’ve had so much fun with it. I can feel blue, overworked, tired, sad, even happy or any range of human emotions but my stick always sets me right. A few strums on the twangy thang and everything’s alright. Thank you for coming up with what I call my “joy stick.” Walter

Thank you for your help. You are right about the strumstick making you feel like you have musical talent. I enjoy playing the songs. I now feel like I belong to the musical world.
Yea! Celia Joy

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? My son gave me a strumstick for Mother’s Day (I’m 78 years old). I’m enjoying it so much - learning a lot.
Dorothy Rusin

And More...

I just wanted to write and tell you how much we have enjoyed our recently purchased Strumsticks. We bought three of the Grands, and as if by magic we are an instant musical family. The key word is FAMILY!
James Gunter and Family

...What a wonderful instrument! Makes me happy just listening to it!...

Subject: Strumstick so Rocks!
The strumstick is so cool.... my wife bought me the Grand Strumstick and I’m so hyped. I‘m a little bit above beginning in the music knowledge area but guess what? Hooking this thing up with a pickup and running it through a good heavy metal distortion pedal makes me feel like a heavy metal God and I’m loving it.
Thank you StrumStick!

Subject: A Better Mousetrap
You‘ve built it. Now I have an instrument I can play and enjoy. I’ll reach new musical horizons with this Standard model I bought my son for Christmas at the local music store. I must augment this one with another, to expand the lower range into my intricate plans for that special Strumstick sound I seek. Thank you for your ingenuity and futuristic traditionalism. Raw talent!
Van Dyke Parks
[editors note: yes, the Van Dyke Parks]

And Still More....!

I recently purchased a standard strumstick and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! I never thought I could make any noise that remotely sounded like a song, but it is sooo easy!!! Thanks for such a wonderful musical instrument.  The Strumstick is absolutely amazing - as advertised it‘s fun to play and hard to put down. My son brought the Strumstick to show & tell today at the Montessori school he attends.  The students were insane with delight as they passed it around and felt a huge sense of accomplishment, being able to make music with ease!

Over a year ago I heard and bought one of your “Grand Strumsticks.” Since then it is a rare day when I don’t play it. Your instrument is an important part of my life, keep up the good work. If I can play anyone can! I do so Enjoy The Noise.
Jack Bowers

Really surprised when I received the strumstick. How can something this small produce such sound? Being not very musical, I have in one months time began playing with CD‘s and other music. Great product. Great instrument for the musically challenged person.
Thanks, Carl B

This is my second strumstick. I can do more with the limitations of the strumstick than I could ever do with the advantages of six strings. Thank you again. L Gallagher

....It is a product that every household should have!....

.....So, a little over two hours ago, I went back and bought the one in the window--last one they had; my lucky day--and I have all ready gone through the basic songs in the instruction book. I cannot believe how easy this is! I have played string instruments before, violins, but could never get my hand around a regular guitar, enough to keep up with it. This is too much fun! I can’t wait to call you all in the morning to order a Leather Strap... is it daylight on the East Coast yet?!

For the quality of the product, for the spirit, and not least of all for the very fair pricing...thanks Bob, Evelyn, and whoever else I should thank. I would surely love to meet you guys.
Best regards,
Jerry McGray

"Ever since Miss Myers, my kindergarten teacher, told me I couldn't sing or keep a beat, I have steered clear of things musical. The ad for the Strumstick caught my imagination ("For people who are sure they have no musical ability...") The Strumstick is so much fun, so forgiving, and so achievable. I plink, plunk, and strum and enjoy every minute. I have neither driven away the cat nor the kids. And, every-so-often, I succeed in actually putting together a complete rendition of 'When the Saints Go Marching In' or 'America the Beautiful.' Great instrument for folks like me. Miss Myers was wrong. I have a sliver of musical talent and the Strumstick is helping to discover it."

Puck in CT

"I bought my wife one of your Strumsticks. To put it mildly, she loved it and won't let me play it. She is very possessive. It's a show-stopper up here in New Brunswick and I need to order one for myself."

Abel in Canada

"I'm the girl that kept coming back playing the Strumstick and begging my mom to buy it at the Maryland Craft Fair. I have saved up and would like to order a Strumstick."

Jessica in MD

"I have frustrated various music teachers over my 41 years and still can't read a note of music or play one instrument - EXCEPT- you've got it, the Strumstick!" "The Strumstick is a simple instrument of genius for the musical idiot."

Martin in NC

"I regret to inform you that I may have to return the Strumstick. It's making me late for work. I'm shirking my responsibilities. I bought it for my 80 year old mother. I wrestled it away from her. It wasn't a pretty sight and I feel a little guilty. Is there a Strumstickers Anonymous? I need help."

Lucinda in NY

"I have a hard time getting the Strumstick off of my six year old son."

Ken in Germany