Happy Spring, Time for music

What is a Strumstick?

The Strumstick is a three-stringed musical instrument designed by Bob McNally especially for Beginners. Because of the tuning and the way the frets are spaced, there are effectively No Wrong Notes*. I designed the Strumstick to play in just one key instead of all 12 keys, so that learning is much much easier.
Bob McNally

Watch a Video Demo:

 You hold down one string at any fret (the metal bars that cross the neck),
and strum across all three strings... my goodness! 
A nice sound happens. You squeeze the string at another fret, another good sound.
It dawns on you that the Strumstick is making you sound much better than you really are...
(you have only been playing for 10 seconds, how good
could you be?) 

This is the way to learn, the instrument magnifies your efforts! 
With the Strumstick you sound OK at the beginning, you have fun, and don't feel frustrated.
Unlike, say, guitar, where half the people who start drop out in a few months because they are sick of NOT sounding OK.
 We figure, its better to succeed in one key than to fail in all 12! 
Seriously though, frustration is the biggest barrier to people  playing music.

Music is actually easy; it is
most instruments that are hard.
That is why I designed the Strumstick.
It makes learning easy because the sounds you are making are satisfying, enjoyable, and you like doing it. That is how to learn anything..satisfaction, enjoyment, rewarded effort. 
The Strumstick comes with a great Instruction book and companion CD (or CD download).
We show you how to begin;
How to make up little melodies (right from the start) on one string
(with the other two as your "backup band")
Then how to strum different rhythms.
Then we go to simple songs, and later still move on to chords
(much easier with two fingers on three strings, as compared to three or four fingers on six strings).
You proceed at your own speed, letting your enjoyment dictate the pace.
The word "enjoyment" does not get uttered about most instruments for months;
with the Strumstick it's just minutes.

Browse through our unsolicited testimonials, listen to Strumstick samples,
look at the beginning of the Instruction Book online
I know, some people have to start at the back, but the beginning is for,
well, beginning!

Explore the site.  Browse some of our Strumstick models.
The Strumstick site is here to serve you; we have many songs, guidance on how to get more, instructions, and a lot of music to watch or listen to. Please ask us any questions you may have (Contact Us).

Happy Strumming!
Bob McNally and the team at Strumstick.com and McNally Instruments LLC.