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Strumstick Garage Sale

We have added new items. Many are one of a kind. 
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We have opened the Strumstick vault, and out poured Prototype Strumsticks, Art Strumsticks, and Misc. Wood Strumsticks. Many are one of a kind, there is some seriously wild and crazy stuff in here and some amazing Deals! (Prices as Low as $125)

Everything here is ready to play and comes with complete instructions (as always!) Everything is new (some are older, but new). Keep in mind the finish on the various painted Art Strumsticks is a bit less durable than on the natural finish ones. 
There are G and D Strumsticks. The G was our biggest seller for many years and has a beautiful sweetness, and is the original Strumstick I designed. I play and love both of them. If you already have a D, treat yourself to a G! or vice versa.