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Arpeggios-Fingerpicking Page

Videos: two with Arpeggios, and two with Fingerpicking.

Written instructions: Arpeggios and Fingerpicking (pdf)

Quick Bites: Arpeggios

Quick Bites: Fingerpicking

The next two also demonstrating the use of delay effects; if you listen to the left channel only, you can hear the Strumstick without the delay effect. There are portions of the video without the delay also.

 Cool Things #2 How to play Arpeggios (chords note by note) on the Strumstick, and enhance them with delay effects. Good material whether you have a delay pedal or not. Covers basic arpeggios, adding notes, adding melody, and using delay to create a lush background.


Cool Things Video #4 A look at Fingerpicking the Strumstick with and without a Delay effect. Left Channel has no Delay effect. Gives a good look at a number of fingerpicking techniques, even if you don't have a delay effect.
This is Part 4 in the Strumstick with Delay group, and part of the Cool Things (to do) with Strumstick series. Some really cool music and sounds happening too, if you just want to listen. The whole series can be found on the Audio-Video Page