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Chord Instructions

Three videos of Strumstick Chords;
D Strumsticks (with diagrams) G Strumsticks (with diagrams, and Chord Closeups.

Written instructions below videos.

See also: Strumstick Chord Diagrams for many more chords.


See also: Strumstick Chord Diagrams for many more chords.

A chord is a group of notes that sound good together.
They are used to make a harmony background to singing,
or to add to a melody you are playing to give a richer sound.

The chord diagrams show:
• Strings as vertical lines,
• Frets as horizontal lines and
• Fingertips as circles.

You can decide which finger to use for which note. Sometimes suggest a finger by putting a number in the circle. Any chord may have several different fingerings. Some of the chords are reduced or simplified versions of more complex chords that might have more notes than there are strings on the Strumstick.

Chords are a little more challenging than playing just one note at a time. If you find this harder, it simply means you are trying something new, that takes a little time to learn.

The chord fingerings for the D Strumstick are the same as for the G Strumstick, but they result in different chords names, since the two instruments are tuned to different notes.