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Quick Bites Videos

We have started a set of short Strumstick videos, each covering one Strumstick technique.
We are calling these "Quick Bites". We start right with demonstrating the technique for 15 seconds, so you can see if you are interested in learning it, then go into a short tutorial.
No long introductions to wade through!

We are very excited to bring you this series; Every one of these techniques will add richness and interest to your playing.
They are each easy to learn and can be combined in many ways for even greater variety.

Here is an alphabetical list of all the videos in this series so far.
Also see our main video pagefor a lot of other Strumstick tutorial videos

Best Way to Hold The Strumstick

Accenting on Strumstick - Quick Bites: 

Alternating Flatpicking on Strumstick-Quick Bites

Arpeggios on Strumstick - Quick Bites 

Cutoff Effect on Strumstick - Quick Bites

Fingerpicking on Strumstick - Quick Bites

Hammer-On with Strumstick - Quick Bites

Leaving Spaces on Strumstick - Quick Bites

Minichords Part 1-Quick Bites

Minichords Part 2-Quick Bites

Minichords Part 3-Quick Bites

Muting Notes on Strumstick -Quick Bites

Octaves on Strumstick - Quick Bites

Pulling Off on Strumstick - Quick Bites

Sliding Strumstick - Quick Bites

Slide and Hammer and Pull Mixed -Quick Bites

Regular Chords Part 1 - Quick Bites

Regular Chords Part 2 - Quick Bites

Regular Chords Part 3 - Quick Bites

Regular Chords Part 4 Barre Chords - Quick Bites

Snare Effect on Strumstick - Quick Bites

Snare and Mute Mixed - Quick Bites

Tremolo on Strumstick - Quick Bites