Best Seller Strumstick


Basic Instructions

Quick Start:
1. Use the strap
2. Firmly Squeeze the bottom string
(the thin one, the closest to the ground).
Keep the tip of your finger just to the left of any of the metal frets.
3. Strum all three stringswith the pick.
4. Smile, and repeat.

Demo Video:

Holding the Strumstick:
The strap goes over your head, and your right arm goes through the strap.
• You can slide the slip-knot on the strap to obtain a comfortable length.
It really helps to have the big end of the Strumstick rest against the inside of your forearm(a few inches from your elbow). Pressure against the end of the Strumstick with your forearm, against your body, will keep the Strumstick from slipping to the right while you play it.
• Do Not rest your arm on top of the Strumstick.
• You don't need to hold the Strumstick up with your left hand; let it hang from the strap.


2. Fretting

• Firmly squeeze only the 1st string (bottom string, closest to ground, thinnest).  (Yes, you can fret the other strings later).
Keep your finger just to the left of any fret(frets are the silver pieces that go across the neck). Squeeze firmly with the tip of your finger.
• Place your thumb behindthe neck- just your finger tip and thumb should touch the neck. Keep a little space between your palm and the neck. Do be comfortable! The object is to have your thumb behindthe neck, opposite your finger, like a lobster claw.

NO!finger between frets
NO!finger on top of fret
YES! Finger just behind the fret.