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Free Instruction CD Download

This is the FREE digital download of the Strumstick Instruction CD (titled "Enjoy The Noise"!).  

Click "Add to Cart" and proceed as for a purchase (it is Free!).

At the completion of the purchase, you will see a link to download your Instruction CD. You will also get a confirmation email with a download link.

The download is a zip file of a folder containing all of the CD tracks.

The Instruction Cis the audio companion to the Strumstick Instruction Book. It demonstrates what is in the book, or you can learn right from the CD. Note: The first part CD was originally played on the G Strumstick, then additional tracks were added using the D Strumstick.The information applies to both equally, (but the sound will be different). There are notes to tune the G or the D, be sure to use the correct ones.