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Chord Clock

Change chords from any key into key of D or G  for the Strumstick, or to any other key for Guitar, Uke, etc..    
 Cardstock version only $14 

You can find chords to a million songs on the internet, but they are in many different keys. You want key of D or G for your D or G Strumstick.
The Chord Clockchanges chords from any key to any other key. It also works for Guitar, Uke or any other Instrument.

Comes in two models:

• 5" x 5" Square (Cardstock, Plastic or Aluminum) or
• 6" Circle, (Aluminum)

Instructions included, here's a quick overview:

Quick Start... Point the Little Hand at the Chord group (Key) you have, then point the Big Hand at the Chord group (Key) you want to use. The chords in any group are in the same relationship as the chords in the other groups so its all visual! No counting half steps and no music theory needed.

Here's a Video!

Example: your Favorite Song has the chords E, A, B, C#m (found on web).

1. Point Little Hand at the E Group (notice it has E, A, B, C#m as prominent chords)

2. Point Big Hand at D group (for your D Strumstick).
   • You'll see "D" is in same position as "E",
   • "G" is in same position as "A"
   • "A" is in same position as "B"
   • "Bm" is in same position as "C#m"

Use D, G, A, Bmin place of E, A, B, C#m,Bingo!

The Big Hand goes on D for D Strumsticks, and on G for G Strumsticks.

Big hand can go on what ever key you'd like to play in for multi key instruments like Guitar, Uke, etc.

Bonus: Relative Chord Names: Jamming with people and they are calling out "one chord", five chord" etc, and wondering whats going on? It's all here, visually.

Guitar/ Uke Player Capo Bonus: Ever wonder where to put your Capo on guitar or Uke to be in the same key as everybody else? Easy Peasy!
      Point the Little Hand on the key (chord group) people are playing in.
      Point the Big Hand on the Chords you'd like to use.
      Count from Little Hand to Big Hand counter-clockwise.
      That number is the fret to capo at.

(Example) Group is playing in Bb: 
Place Little Hand on "Bb",
Big hand on "G",
Count back 1, 2, 3 groups from Bb to G, 
Use the "G" chords with Capo at 3rd fret, you are playing in key of "Bb"


5" x 5" Square:
• Tough Credit-Card-like Plastic (0.030" thick, 0.6oz)  
• Aluminum (0.047" thick, 1.5oz) 
• Cardstock (1oz)

6" Diameter Circle
• Aluminum (0.047" thick, 2 oz)