No Wrong Notes

Anyone Can Play

Ukulele Strumstick U-26

Spruce Top $215
Koa Top and Back $276

Yep, its a Ukulele all right. GCEA, My Dog Has Fleas. Has all the notes (sharps and flats, plays in any key just like your familiar uke). Shaped like a Strumstick. But it has steel strings and has a bright voice, still "Uke-y" but not as plunky as nylon strings. And the string tension is low so its not like squeezing a guitar or mandolin. A wonderful voice to add to the Ukulele choir, and a great look and sound for your Uke collection.

26" long ( like Tenor Uke), 5" wide, 1.5" deep.
Spruce Top, Maple Back, Padouk Body 
Also available with Koa Top and Back.

Strumulele Sound Clip 1 (Spruce)

Strumulele Sound Clip 2 (Spruce)

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