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Big Wave Strumstick

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The Big Wave Strumstick (D-35) is louder and has more bass than the regular Strumstick shape. It sports a festive body design with a larger soundbox. Includes built-in pickup, choose Spruce or Koa top, $625.

See in product pictures: Short Koa Big Wave Demo videos of Strumming, of Fingerpicking and also a Koa D-33 Strumstick Strumming for Comparison). Plus a longer Big Wave Video with Notes, Strumming and Fingerpicking, longer.

(Demos recorded with Rode NT3 Medium Condenser Mic, with no EQ or effects.)

• The neck is identical to the D-33 Strumstick.

• The wave-inspired body is one piece Padouk, Walnut, or Mahogany with either a Spruce or Koa soundboard. 

• We are totally thrilled with the results; the tone is richer, fuller, and louder. The increased resonant chamber has allowed us to add a lower tuning too! There are two tuning arrangements available: our regular D A D (D-35 model), or a lower tuning A E A (A-35 model). The lower tuned AEA model has a brisk baritone flavor reminiscent of the Cittern/Irish Bouzouki.  

Listen: 🎧 ▶️Big Wave  D-tuning (DAD)     
🎧 ▶️Big Wave A-tuning (AEA)

If desired, Request the A Tuning under "Include any notes" as you complete ordering.

• The design objectives were to create longer resonant paths within the body (for bass response) and to increase the soundboard area (for volume), but also stepping out with a festive body shape. The wave soundhole arrangement was designed to balance the resonance of the sound chamber and to enhance the visual design of the body.

• The Big Wave Strumstick uses ball end (guitar style) strings which feed through the body.

• Where the original Strumstick design uses a one piece neck and body approach, the Big Wave uses a two piece neck/body design, with a sturdy screw-in neck attachment.