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Announcing a new instrument, the 3-String MiniSlide. This is a little Lap Steel-type instrument, that you play on your lap or on a table. A metal slide bar is held against the strings, and slides from note to note , like a Lap Steel or Dobro. There are no frets, but there is a “fingerboard” underneath the strings with lines to indicate the positions of the 12 notes of a chromatic scale. 

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What is unique about the MiniSlide??

• It has only three strings (tuned DAD). 
• It is an electric instrument, but we added a small oval soundbox so it can be played quietly without plugging in. 
• The note position lines are longer to indicate a D major Scale (like the Strumstick) and shorter for the rest of the chromatic scale.
• For the benefit of the beginner, it is biased towards one key (D), but it is still a fully chromatic instrument. 

The unique features of the MiniSlide offer a more gentle learning curve, and quicker access to slide sounds for beginners to the instrument.

Available with Maple body with contrasting fingerboard and soundboard. Prices are $580 with slotted note lines, $730 with Abalone inlay note lines

Sapele or Walnut body special order, write for lead time, $100 additional.