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Designers Choice: Best Sound

  • Comes with an adjustable cord strap. Want a little more color? See our ColorUp Straps!

    When I perform I have a lot of Strumsticks to choose from; when I try out a bunch of Strumsticks ("who wants to go on stage tonight!") it is invariably a Koa D-33 with Pickup that is my favorite.

    The other woods sound fine, but the Koa adds just a little more presence, we hear that from our customers too.

    The built-in electric pickup provides access to another whole world of sounds depending on your equipment; from tone control, to effects of all kinds, loopers and computer recording. Great sound, with or without the pickup. 

    See our Video below demonstrating many sounds using the pickup with an amp and effects.

    Visually the golden hue of the Koa blends nicely with the red of the Padouk, a moderate contrast, and pleasing to the eye. 

    See Video Comparing D and G below    ⬇

  • •Padouk neck and body, Koa top and back.
    • 33" long, 5" wide, 1.25"deep.
    • weight 14oz.
    • 25 1/2" scale length
    • Tuned D, A, D'
    • Can retune for E, F, C, B, Bb, A (lower limit)
    • Custom-made Piezo pickup by Schatten, 1/4" jack (standard guitar cable)

  • "I bought a D strumstick a year ago and I’ve had so much fun with it. I love music and singing but had always been frustrated in playing any instrument until I got my stick. Now I can play “Old McDonald” as well as songs by Coldplay and just have the time of my life! Some people pay shrinks a lot of money for therapy but this does the trick for me. I can feel blue, overworked, tired, sad, even happy or any range of human emotions but my stick always sets me right. A few strums on the twangy thang and everything’s alright. Thank you for coming up with what I call my “joy stick.”


  • Koa D Audio Sample

    Electric Pickup Demo Video

    Compare D and G Strumsticks

Stop...Strum...Relax... No Wrong Notes!

The Strumstick is designed for non-players, and is delightfully easy to learn. 
The Strumstick was created by Bob McNally (designer of the Martin Backpacker Guitar) and has a perfect blend of ease and versatility. The D-33 Strumstick (tuned DAD) is our most popular model. Besides being a foolproof instrument for beginners it is also an inspiring and creative tool for professional musicians (on stage and in the studio). Plays in numerous keys (by capo use or retuning) but is ridiculously easy for non players. Full instructions, chords and songs included. Handmade in USA, of all solid woods. The Strumstick is also available in key of G.