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Minichords (Easy Instant Harmonies)

           The Strumstick makes chords automatically as you finger any note on the first string. You can also do more formal chords with more fingers. Unique to the Strumstick is really  easy in-between step we call Mini-Chords, two-finger patterns on the Strumstick that  move up and down the neck making Instant Harmonies. One fingering covers many possibilities!
     See Minichords Instructions PDF,
     and Videos Below

Power Chords (Easy Rock Chords)
Where would Rock and Metal anthems be without these? Power Chords are actually a guitar trying to act like a Strumstick! Feel free to add a Marshall amp stack and screaming overdrive! 
     See Power Chords Instructions PDF,
     and videos below

Regular Chords: 
 Strumstick Chord Diagrams

All D Strumstick Chords

Most Used Chords D Strumstick

Fun/Jazzy Chords D Strumstick

All G Strumstick Chords

Most Common Chords G Strumstick

Fun/Jazzy Chords G Strumstick 

Hi-Res Chord Videos:
Playing Chords Instructions See Videos Below, Chord Pts. 1, 2, 3 & 4
Chords Pt 1- from Minichords to regular Chords  
      Chords Pt 2 -Quick Bites 
      Chords Pt 3 -Quick Bites  
      Chords Pt 4 Barre Chords

 All Chords Videos
     Minichords part 1 Quick Bites
     Minichords part 2 Quick Bites   
     Minichords part 3 Quick Bites  
     Octaves on Strumstick - Quick Bites
     Chords Pt 1-Quick Bites  
     Chords Pt 2 -Quick Bites 
     Chords Pt 3 -Quick Bites  
     Chords Pt 4 Barre Chords
     Power Chords Part 1 Demo,
     Power Chords Part 2 How to,
     Power Chords Part 3 Fingerings.

  Chord Tools:
     Chord Clock Chord Transposer
      FreeChord Changing Wheel

Getting Song chords from Web
     (page, extensive detailed instructions).
     Chord Wheel or Chord Clock very useful here.