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We hope you and your loved ones are safe, well, and staying at home. We know many of us are not medical personnel or maintaining essential services, but we can all do something important to help: stay in our homes, avoid contact with other people as much as we can, and washing, washing.

These really matter, and the accumulative effect will be tremendous numbers of lives saved. We at McNally Instruments are working from home.

Music has a part to play. Courage and the determination to deal with this problem need to be sustained for weeks and months. Music has a place in keeping your spirits up and maintaining morale.

Whether you sing from your balcony like our irrepressible Italian friends or serenade your neighbors from your doorway, if you play while your kids dance or just make a little music for yourself in the wee small hours.

Music has a magic quality of soothing angst and strengthening resolve. Play whatever you play, when you can.