Best Seller Strumstick


How It Works

No Wrong Notes is the key...

The Strumstick works by sounding good right from the start..,

You can play songs the first day. 
Because Strumstick feels good to play, you’ll pick it up again and again.

We designed the Strumstick for people who don't play any music...
...and are sure they can't play any music. 
We designed it so there are no wrong notes;
there are just the notes of a simple major scale.
The frets are spaced to give you just the notes for one key, do-re-me etc.
That is why there are no wrong notes. 

You can finger just one string (with one finger),

The other two strings are your automatic back-up band.
The Strumstick makes chords automatically.
You are doing the work of one string, and getting the sound of three.
That is what we call leverage!

Later you can finger any of the strings,

play more complex chords, etc
as you get past the beginner stage (our instructions take you there!)

You have fun making sounds without sweating about "getting it right". 

The Strumstick is like a musical Safety Net

If you already play another instrument:

The Strumstick is a fast creative tool for composition, or just for relaxation... it will return you to the simple joy of playing that got you into music in the first place.


• If you want to learn to play guitar:

Starting with the strumstick can get you there faster than any other way. Its like training wheels for guitar! (We can show you how)