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A Melody is a sequence of notes (hopefully pleasing to hear)

 "Songlets" are little melody phrases or fragments (that you create yourself!) They can even be combined into full songs.
They are small enough to be easy, and interesting enough to be fun! 

See Songlets Video

and Written instructions  Further Below:

Songlets Written instructions:
Step 1:

• Play any three different notes (frets). How about 2, 3, and 1?
• Strum four times while holding fret 2  (one two three four).
• Now do the same with fret number 3  (one two three four).
• Next, go back to fret number 2, same thing ( four strums).
• Then finger fret number 1, four strums.
Here is what you just did:
 2222 3333 2222 1111
Sounds like the beginning of a song, doesn't it? 
You made your first phrase. Do it  several times.
Lets call this Phrase A.

Step 2.
• Now make up another phrase (call it phrase B). Select 3 frets and follow the same pattern.
Example: 3333 5555 2222 3333
Use the examples, but don't forget to make up your own phrases... thats where the fun is!)
Do not worry about doing this wrong. If you forget a note or play a different one, that is not a problem.

Step 3.
Now put the to phrases together:

Phrase A                            Phrase B
2222 3333 2222 1111       3333 5555 2222 3333

Step 3.
• Now do the first phrase (A), followed by the second phrase (B) , and the first phrase (A) again. A Songlet is born!

• You could  play any or all of the phrases twice in a row if you want... A A B A, or A B B A, or A A B B A A, get the idea.
You just created a songlet, a little fragment of a song. You made it up yourself, you figured it out, you learned it (by repeating each phrase), and then you put it together. Do you like how it sounds?

The phrases and songlets are a way to get you organizing what you are doing (just a little) while your strumming and fretting gets worked into shape. Have fun!