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Minichords LC Detail

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Minichords (Instant Harmonies)
The Strumstick makes chords automatically as you finger any note on the first string. You can also do more formal chords with more fingers. 

Unique to the Strumstick is really easy in-between step we call MiniChords, two-finger patterns on the Strumstick that  move up and down the neck making Instant Harmonies. One fingering covers many possibilities! 

Minichords use two fingers, either 1 fret apart or two frets apart. Once you learn a fingering, move it up and down the neck for different harmonies.

   See Minichords Instructions PDF,
     and Videos:
Minichords part 1 1-Fret pattern(Video)
Minichords part 2  2 Fret pattern
Minichords part 3 (Video)