Best Seller Strumstick



Announcing a new instrument, the 3-String MiniSlide. This is a little Lap Steel type instrument, that you play on your lap or on a table. A metal bar is held against the strings, and slides from note to note , like a Lap Steel or Dobro. There are no frets, but there is a “fingerboard” underneath the strings with lines to indicate the positions of the 12 notes of a chromatic scale.


What is unique about the MiniSlide??
It has only three strings (tuned DAD). 
It is an electric instrument, but we added a small oval soundbox so it can be played quietly without plugging in. The note position lines are longer to indicate a D major Scale (like the Strumstick) and shorter for the rest of the chromatic scale. For the benefit of the beginner, it is biased towards one key (D), but it is still a fully chromatic instrument. 

The unique features of the MiniSlide offer a more gentle learning curve, and quicker access to slide sounds for beginners to the instrument.

Available with Maple, Sapele, or Walnut body, with contrasting fingerboard and soundboard. Prices are $580 with slot note lines, $730 with Abalone inlay lines