Best Seller Strumstick


Pickup Description

The Built-in Pickup allows connecting the Strumstick to an amp, effects, PA, or computer interfaces. Plugging into an amp greatly increases the sound possibilities of the Strumstick; add Treble or Bass, play crystal clean or add " edge" to the sound (from a sharp bite to rock/blues/metal overdrive). Effects devices (stand-alone, or part of many amps) add spacey new-age echos and lush shimmering "fullness" to notes. With an appropriate interface device, you can record into Garage Band or many other recording applications. The Built-in Pickup is the access point for all these musical features.

Piezo-type pickup, Custom designed for the Strumstick by Schatten. 1/4" jack (standard guitar cable) connector.

Select "Add Pickup" as an option when ordering your Strumstick.

Retro-Fit: If you already have a Strumstick, you can order the pickup here separately and send us your Strumstick. We will install the pickup and return the Strumstick to you.