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Strumming and Rhythm LC Detail

Learning Center, Strumming and Rhythm

Strumming and rhythm are at the heart of the Strumstick. Here are many resources on this topic.

Basic Strumming Video (2:19)
• Hold the pick between your thumb and first finger (right hand), the pointed end goes towards the strings.
• Strum somewhere between the soundhole and the end of the fingerboard, wherever feels comfortable. You do not need to strum directly over the soundhole.
• Strum down across all the strings with the pick. Lift your arm, and use a sharp downward motion (and a twist of the wrist). The tip of the pick should move parallel to the face of the Strumstick. You do not want the strumming motion to slant inward, hitting the wood with the pick.
• Continue strumming for a while until it feels comfortable. Try to make the pick run smoothly and briskly across all three strings.

Basic Rhythms Video (3:48) Here is a more detailed look at strumming, that takes you from playing a steady beat all the way to making up your own rhythm patterns. Each step is easy and fun, as you'd expect from the Strumstick! 

Here are some very useful Audio Files, listen to them in sequence:

Strumstick Strumming (Basic Technique) audio file            
Strumstick Basic Rhythm audio file
Strumstick Advanced Rhythm audio file             
Strumstick Accenting audio file

Accenting, Spaces & Cutting Off. Here are several Rhythm elements that are simple to learnand make strumming much more interesting and dramatic.

Accenting on Strumstick - Quick Bites: video (3:06)

Leaving Spaces on Strumstick - Quick Bites video (1:56)

Cutoff Effect on Strumstick - Quick Bites video (2:40)