Best Seller Strumstick


Block Magnet Hanger

The Block Magnet Hanger

Works with a Magnet-top Strumstick
(We can include a magnet which screws into the very top of any Strumstick, Choose Need Magnet in options, adds $2. Screw and Instructions included).
Holds with a secure 6 lb force. Pull Strumstick firmly down to remove. Available in Poplar. This is a very elegant way to display your Strumstick while holding it ready to play at a moment's notice!

A moderate downward tug and the Strumstick is in your hands ready to strum. Lift the Strumstick to meet the arch, the magnets "click" together and it's hanging again, an object of beauty. 

Any wall will do. They are great for narrow wall spaces that do not accommodate most other artwork.

Disclaimer: We have field tested the magnet system for hanging Strumsticks at Strumstick World Headquarters for 10 years. We are confident that it is a workable mount for the Strumstick. BUT: It is not intended to be child-proof, active-pet-proof, or earthquake proof. Use your judgement as to its suitability for your display location.