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Instruction Book and CD Download... Free with Strumstick purchase

  • The Instruction book is 36 pages long. Covers how to start, rhythms, songs, tuning and more. Praised for it's thoroughness.
    The downloadable CD is the audio companion, demonstrating and explaining. 
  • 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
    Table of Contents:

    A Quick Start
    Holding, Fretting, Strumming
    Solutions to Possible Problems
    The “Extra” Fret
    Strumming Different Rhythms
    Changing Notes While Strumming Rhythms
    Playing Songs
    Care and Feeding
    Other Strumsticks
    Amplifying your Strumstick
    Capo and Alternate Tunings
    Chord Diagrams
    Note Fingering Charts
    Seven Easy Songs

  • I wrote this, putting all I have learned from many years of teaching people Strumstick into teaching YOU how to do it, and have fun right from the start. That's me on the CD too, its a lessons with the most experienced Strumstick player and teacher in the whole world!
    Bob Mc.