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Straight-Up Strumstick Stand

Besides being a great musical Instrument, the Strumstick has a delightful sculptural quality to it. I have worked on various display ideas over the years to bring out this visual quality. We are excited to bring you our latest and most refined display, the Straight-Up Magnetic Strumstick Stand.

The Strumstick is magnetically held against an elegant vertical support that rises up from a heavy base. The Strumstick has a magnet attached that mates with a magnet on the support, and the strap button at the bottom of the Strumstick rests in a nest cavity which keeps the Strumstick from pivoting around the magnet.

You remove the strumstick with a firm upward tug; you replace the Strumstick by placing the strap button in the nest, and then bringing the strumstick magnet near the support magnet. Click!

For now, we recommend that you order a Strumstick and Straight-Up Stand at the same time, so we can attach the magnet to the Strumstick. Sometime later, we will have a kit set up so you can add a magnet to a strumstick you may already have, correctly located to work with the Straight-Up Stand. 

The base is available in either an Ovaloid Padouk or a Freeform Bocote shape. The support can be either a frosted clear or a frosted transparent light green  acrylic. 

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