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Strumstick Hard Cases

  • Lined Hard Case, Nicely made (custom built for us by a major case maker). Has an internal compartment for strings and picks. One size fits both the G or the D Strumsticks; it comes with a padded insert to adapt the internal size for use with the G. 
  • • 36" long x 7" wide x 2.5" deep
    • 5 lbs. weight
    • 1/4" wall thickness
    • Plush lined interior
    • Sturdy Protection. 
    • Fits nicely in aircraft overhead.
    • Not intended for Airline Baggage Systems

  •  I like it when I am throwing a bunch of instruments and gear in the car, I don't have to worry about "did I leave the Strumstick in soft case under all that?" Plus its supremely cool walking down the street with it. Still carry-on, I would not risk it in the baggage system.
    Bob Mc.

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