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Big Wave Strumstick

Introducing the Big Wave Strumstick

The Big Wave Strumstick (D-35) is louder and has more bass than the regular Strumstick shape. Available with Spruce or Koa top, with/without a built-in pickup. ($390/$490 Spruce, $490/$590 Koa).

Big Wave Strumstick picture


•The neck is identical to the D-33 Strumstick.

• The wave-inspired body is one piece Padouk with either a Spruce or Koa soundboard. 

• We are totally thrilled with the results; the tone is richer, fuller, and louder. The increased resonant chamber has allowed us to add a lower tuning too! There are two tuning arrangements available: our regular D A D (D-35 model), or a lower tuning A E A (A-35 model). The lower tuned AEA model has a brisk baritone flavor reminiscent of the Cittern/Irish Bouzouki. 

🎧 ▶️Big Wave  D-tuning (DAD)     
🎧 ▶️Big Wave A-tuning (AEA)

• The design objectives were to create longer resonant paths within the body (for bass response) and to increase the soundboard area (for volume), but also "swinging out" with an elegant, festive body shape. Where the original Strumstick called for a minimal approach, the Big Wave goes further into design and sonic territory.

• The wave soundhole arrangement was carefully worked out to balance the resonance of the sound chamber and to enhance the visual design of the body.

• The strings are ball end (guitar style) strings which feed through the body

• Where the original Strumstick design uses a one piece neck and body approach, the Big Wave uses a separate neck/body design, with a sturdy screw-in neck attachment method. The body is pattern-routed creating a precise neck channel, sturdy sides and an integral back. 


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