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Starting Songs

A Bunch of 3-Chord Songs

Song Resources Page

Strumstick Family Songbook (83 songs, PDF, Free)

Strumstick Family Songbook (Printed)

Chord Changer Online (for changing key of song chords you may have)
This is great if you find song chords on the web that are not in the Key of your Strumstick). Explanation included, ask us if any questions.

Holiday Songs TABs (page with PDFs)

How To Play Songs
Demonstration Videos on D and G Strumsticks

Dulcimer Songs For Strumstick

Strumstick Family Songbook (PDF of Whole book, Free)

Printed Songbook  (Link to Product page)

Finding Song Chords on the Web (page)

Making a Valentine song for your Sweetie! (Blog Article)