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 Well, most of us are staying home these days, and we have time on our hands. It's a good time to learn to play music, or to improve your playing. Drag whatever you have from the closet, invest some time, a little discipline, have some fun now and more fun as you go along. Make some noise! 

Here are some resources for Stay-at-Home players. Instructions, Sites, Items of Interest. We will be adding to this list as time goes by. A lot of this will be for Strumsticks, but we will have some entries for other instruments too.
Be safe, and play on!



Resources: Instructions, Sites, Items of Interest 

  Free Streaming Strumstick Lessons 

Thursday Nights 8:00-8:45 EDT, YouTube. 
See description, Link and past Episodes





 Music has a part to play.

 Music can lift your spirits up and maintain morale. Whether you sing from your balcony like our irrepressible Italian friends, or serenade your neighbors from your doorway, if you play while your kids dance or just make a little music for yourself in the wee small hours. Take up whatever instrument has whispered at you from time to time.

Playing strumstick and dog

 Free Strumstick Instruction Videos

More than 40 Quick videos on a host of fun Strumstick stuff
Sample Instruction Video:

Free Strumstick Instruction Videos




Here is a Pic some FEMA workers in Idaho sent us. A cheer for them, and all essential workers,  Medical personnel, First responders, Grocery Clerks, all the folks doing their jobs, that enable us to do our job, which right now staying home right now. We'll all get out to play in the course of time. At the moment there are the lives of others to save, by protecting our own.


Need to Tune? Try our Tuning Page

or An Online Tuner (there are many)
Here is a decent online tuner: Tuner Ninja

Folk Project Acoustic Stayaway

The Folk Project is an organization in NJ I've been part of for 40 years. Our live events are closed, so we've gone online. Two Concerts a week, a Song Circle, two Workshops, all Streaming Live!  Human connection has more to do with interaction than distance. Love Acoustic Music? 

Interact with theAcoustic Stayaway Mon-Fri at 7:00PM.
For details click Here. 



Strumstick Audio Resources

Free Strumstick Audio

Strumstick Strumming (Basic Technique)
Strumstick Basic Rhythm
Strumstick Advanced Rhythm
Strumstick Accenting
Oh When The Saints Go Marching In (played on G Strumstick)
Free Audio Instruction CD download


FogFender™ Mask

Wearing FogFender Facemask outdoors

Anti-fogging, Glasses Friendly Face Masks 
find out about the FogFender™I co-designed this mask with the folks at to reduce fogging while wearing glasses and mask on your grocery store trips. Get Free Sewing Instructions too!

Makers everywhere are working hard to make the public masks that can save Medical-grade masks for the hard pressed medical workers and first responders. Any Makers are welcome to use this design. Go-o-o-o, Team!









Toby Walker free Monthly Lesson

Toby is a great bluesman, who learned directly from blues legends as a young man. He is a world renowned performer and a sought-after teacher. He is also a funny guy. He has a lot of lesson videos and music albums for sale, but he also has a free lesson per month membership offer. There are other pay plans too, but the one a month free is no strings attached. As a teacher, Toby is a teacher I admire.
Click Here for his sign up page. Also search YouTube for Toby Walker and watch a master bluesman at his art.


Strumstick and Learning Guitar

Using Strumstick to Help Learn Guitar

guitar and Strumstick