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Stay At Home Resources

Well, most of us are staying home these days, and we have time on our hands. It's a good time to learn to play music, or to improve your playing. Drag whatever you have from the closet, invest some time, a little discipline, have some fun now and more fun as you go along. Make some noise! 

Here we will list some resources for Stay-at-Home players. Instructions, Sites, Items of Interest. We will be adding to this list as time goes by. A lot of this will be for Strumsticks, but we will have some entries for other instruments too. Be safe, and play on!

Music has a part to play.

Courage and the determination to deal with this problem need to be sustained for weeks and months.

Music has a place in keeping your spirits up, maintaining morale. Whether you sing from your balcony like our irrepressible Italian friends or serenade your neighbors from your doorway, if you play while your kids dance or just make a little music for yourself in the wee small hours.

Music has a magic quality of soothing angst and strengthening resolve.

Take up whatever instrument has whispered at you from time to time (you know what I am talking about).

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