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Chromatic D Strumstick (D-CHR)

  • Comes with an adjustable cord strap. Want a little more color? See our ColorUp Straps!

    This is a special D model that is fretted to play in every key, not just one key. That means it has wrong notes, it has "sharps and flats", the fret pattern is like a guitar neck, This is called Chromatic fretting, The more common D-33 (No Wrong Notes) Strumstick uses a "Diatonic" fret pattern that just gives the notes for one key.  
    Advantages of the Chromatic D:
    You can play in any key.
    You can make many more different chords.
    You can use a Capo to simply change keys using familiar chords
    Disadvantages of the Chromatic D:
    Lots of wrong notes
    More complicated to learn
    Has a higher potential for being frustrating.

    The other characteristics are identical with the regular D-33.

  • • Padouk neck and body, Spruce top, Maple back
    • 33" long, 5" wide, 1.25"deep.
    • weight 14oz.
    • 25 1/2" scale length
    • Tuned D, A, D', (fretted chromatically)
    • Can retune to E, F, C, B, Bb, A (lower limit)

  •  The Chromatic D is for people who want the ability to play in any key and to have a wider range of chords and chord types, and are willing to deal with a longer learning curve and more difficulty learning, compared to the regular Strumsticks.  The Chromatic gives up the "No Wrong Notes" and intuitive aspects of the D-33, in return for more musical possibilities. many Guitar players (guitar is already chromatic) still prefer the regular (diatonic) strumsticks, but sometimes people need to play in all keys. That is who the Chromatic D is for. 

  • Chromatic D Strumstick Sound Clip 1
    Chromatic D Strumstick Sound Clip 2

Stop...Strum...Relax... No Wrong Notes!

The Strumstick is designed for non-players, and is delightfully easy to learn. 
The Strumstick was created by Bob McNally (designer of the Martin Backpacker Guitar) and has a perfect blend of ease and versatility. The D-33 Strumstick (tuned DAD) is our most popular model. Besides being a foolproof instrument for beginners it is also an inspiring and creative tool for professional musicians (on stage and in the studio). Plays in numerous keys (by capo use or retuning) but is ridiculously easy for non players. Full instructions, chords and songs included. Handmade in USA, of all solid woods. The Strumstick is also available in key of G.